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Scalloped design.
Panelled fencing and privacy screens.
Chain wire fencing.
Lapped and Capped fence.
Picket and custom fences.
Colorbond/steel fences
“Loving the fence! Thanks for doing a great job.”
Bronwyn, privacy fence and double car gates at Saratoga.
“We will definitely keep you on our books as you have been very helpful with this job”
Kirrily, Property Manager, McGrath Estate Agents.
“The fence turned out great!”
Megan, privacy screen and timber fence at Narara.
“We are very happy with the fencing and the gates and would happily recommend you. Thanks again for coming out in the rain!”  Jason & Seb, Colorbond fence and gate, Umina.
Thank you for coming over so quickly to quote. Much appreciated.”
Jana, North Gosford.
Freeazz Pty Ltd Trading As Fence In Fenced Out
ABN: 58 082 209 345
Here at Fence In Fenced Out we are often asked questions about fencing and what to look for in a fencer or quote. Some of the frequently asked questions we have answered below.

Q.       Do you use concrete in the holes?
A.       Yes, every post is encased in concrete.

Q.       How far are the posts put into the ground?
A.       A minimum of 600mm and up to 900mm in sandy areas like the Peninsula

Q.       What type of concrete do you use?
A.       We use general concrete and not quick set as quick set can react adversely with steel             posts.

Q.       What type of guarantee do you give on your work?
A.       We will give a one year guarantee on our workmanship. All fencing products are covered             under the manufacturer's warranties.

Q.       What is a stepped fence and what is a raked fence?
A.       This applies to Colorbond/steel fences that are built on an uneven or sloped ground. The             fence can either be built to step down the slope (a stepped fence), or cut so that it follows             the shape of the earth (a raked fence). The raked fence will leave no gaps under the fence.

Q.       How long does the fence take to build?
A.       We can generally build 20 to 30 metres of steel or timber fencing per day, however, this is             site dependant. If you have a specific timeframe in mind please discuss this with us when             we complete your quote.

Q.       Will you need access to power?
A.       Yes, we will need to run our power tools.

Q.       What do you do with the old fence?
A.       This depends on the material, however most materials will be recycled.

Q.       What types of steel fencing do you use?
A.       We use a premium bluescope product which is rated over 230km/h wind gusts.

Q.       What are the section sizes for the treated pine timber fences?
A.       We use a 125mm x 75mm post, 75mm x 50mm rails and a 15mm thick paling. All timber is             premium timber and sourced through a local company.

Q.       What sort of nails do you use to put the palings on with?
A.       We use a ring shanked, gal dipped nail.

Q.       Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
A.       Yes. You may download our certificate of currency here.